Better Authorities [Search, Identify, Connect]

ba[sic?] is a tool for searching, identifiing and connecting named entities with authority data. Currently persistent identifiers from the GND (persons) and (places) are used.

The main goal of this tool is to give an instance of quality assurance to the process of connecting own data with authority data. This is done by adding a configurable status attribute (e.g. unsafe, unavailable, etc.) and the possibility to set a preferred linked dataset from a list of possible matching datasets.

The tool is facing the problem of fast and comfortable identification of the correct corresponding authority data, if it already exist. Therefor it provides a name based search interfaces to quickly get a list of possible matching datasets and a view for easy comparing the properties of the different results and finally choose and set the preferred one.

Quick Start Guide

Step one

Choose a context: persons, places or organisations

Step two

Open the settings and add a new dataset

Step three

Add your data manually or import it, using the provided actions.

Step four

Add links to authority data manually via input field or automatically find possible matching datasets by clicking the autofill button (binoculars).